sunnuntai 9. tammikuuta 2011

Robert LeFevre on Ownership

I have noticed that in addition to all kind of crap, there is also a lot of valuable material in Youtube. It is just up to an individual what kind of staff one wants to search. This time I would like to share some videos I just found interesting. These clips may be a bit old-school, but the content of them is still worth of listening and learning.

Here are some links to Youtube videos in which an American libertarian businessman, radio personality and primary theorist of autarchism Robert LeFevre speaks about ownership. The rights of the material are owned by Mises Institute. You can find more similar material for example from LibertyInOurTime channel. The clips last circa half an hour each so take time while listening.

Property and Ownership

Conflict in Ownership

How To Become Owners

Collective Ownership

Property Classifications

Value: What It Is And How It Works

What Is Wealth?

What Is Money? - Part One

What Is Money? - Part Two

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