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Management competencies

I just found an excellent checklist of commonly sought management competencies. The list with it's variations is widely used by headhunters and HR people when they assess management's abilities and competencies. I think this list is comprehensive and it's one way to assess and benchmark your personal abilities. How well you fulfil the criteria?


Flexibility: The ability to take decisions and to act, that is, coming to conclusions and taking appropriate action.

Tenacity: The ability to stick with a problem until it is solved (and to recognize when there is no solution).

Independence: The willingness to question the accepted way of doing things.

Risk Taking: The extent to which a manager is prepared to take calculated risks. 

Integrity: The recognition and maintenance of high personal standards and the implementation of appropriate moral and ethical norms. 


Communication: The ability to convey information clearly, both orally and in writing. The ability to listen. 

Impact: The ability to create a favourable first impression. 

Persuasiveness: The ability to persuade and influence others.

Personal awareness: The awareness of other people and the need to take into account their thoughts and feelings before acting. 

Teamwork: Contributing in an active and co-operative way with the rest of the team. Supporting others. Making decisions by consensus. 

Openness: The ability to take constructive criticism. The ability to build on the contributions of other people.


Innovation: The ability to come up with imaginative and practical solutions to problems. 

Analytical skills: The ability to break problems down and work on them sequentially.

Numerical problem solving: The ability to understand and analyse numerical information. 

Problem solving: The ability to evaluate a situation and come to with solutions which meet customers' needs.

Practical learning: Being able to absorb, learn and apply new methods.

Detail consciousness: The ability to process large amounts of complex information. 


Leadership: The ability to guide the actions of, and achieve results through, other people. 

Empowerment: The concern for developing other people and allowing them freedom of manoeuvre. 

Strategic planning: The ability to hover above the day-to-day detail and see the bigger picture. 

Corporate sensitivity: An understanding of where the business is going. 

Project management: The ability to define of how a business needs to be controlled and subordinates organized.


Resilience: The ability to "bounce back" when things are not going to plan. 

Energy: Otherwise known as stamina and drive.

Motivation: The ability to motivate self and others. 

Achievement orientation: The drive to set challenges targets and the drive to meet them. 

Initiative: The ability to spot and solve problems before they arise and to act on opportunities when they present themselves. 

Quality focus: The commitment to getting a job done well. 

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